Campground Rules

Campground Rules
We can easily break down the rules into Two Categories...

1) Campground Rules. Very similar to any other campground in the US.

2) Nudist Rules. Very similar to any other Nudist or Clothing-Optional facility.

  • · A non-refundable grounds fee of $25/person or $21 for AANR or TNSF members will be charged for all day visitors.
  • A nonrefundable reservation must be made in advance for all Electric hook-up sites, as well as all rental units.
  • · Photography of any kind is not allowed on the grounds without management approval. Cell phones are no longer permitted on the grounds. Campers with sites may have their phones on their sites only. We ask all day visitors to secure your phones in your vehicles. You are more than welcome to check your texts and calls all day long, at your site or your vehicle, but not where others are enjoying their own peace. This ensures everyone’s privacy-even your own!
  • · A valid government issued ID is required for entry on the grounds at the time of your check in. The ID will be verified on a federal, not state level. We do not allow anyone with a felony conviction of a sexual nature on the grounds.
  • · All day visitors (non-members) must call the office at the gate to announce your arrival before gaining access to the grounds…EVERY time you visit. If you frequent the camp often, you may be interested in becoming a member. (Get to know people! Two member sponsors are required for membership.)
  • · Visitors must respect the members’ private camp sites unless invited in.
  • · Everyone is required to sit on a towel when using any of the furniture. The office has towels if you’ve forgotten yours.
  • · No food is allowed in the pool.
  • · No Smoking in any of the buildings on the grounds. Smoking is permitted on the grounds but please be respectful and use the receptacles that are provided in the pool area, under the tent near the pool and in front of the entrances of each building.
  • Yes, it is now legal in NY state to smoke marijuana. No, it is not ok to smoke it in the same places as a cigarette. If you are smoking, please do so responsibly and away from others. Some people cannot be near it due to their professions.
  • · Please recycle! Look for the Green Bags! $.05 returnable receptacles can be found in and around the Clubhouse area.
  • · Please refer to swimming pool regulations form, which can be obtained at the front office before your first swim, as set forth by the Health Dept. of NY state, required to be signed and returned to the front office and kept on file.
  • · We are a pet friendly environment. We’re happy to welcome quiet and well-behaved pets. Your pet should never be more than a leash’s length away from you unless they are secured in your camper for a nap! Please inform management of your service pet’s needs. Please clean up after your furry friends! Please provide the front office with a copy of your pets’ vaccination records for our files, per NY State.
  • · No weapons of any kind are permitted anywhere on our grounds. If you own a weapon of any kind, please leave it home.
  • · No Glass containers are allowed anywhere on the grounds. If your favorite beverage comes in a glass container, we have plenty of plastic cups for you. This includes! Wine bottles, beer bottles, etc.
  • · Children under the age of 18 must be supervised and accompanied by an adult at all times on all areas of the grounds and must have a parent sign in with them.
  • · Day visitors may enjoy the grounds by arriving any time between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Day visitors, please make overnight provisions if you’ll be attending any of our after 6 p.m. events. Please check our calendar in the front office, on our website and on Facebook for a list of events.
  • · We do not tolerate excessive intoxication anywhere on our grounds. We understand the enjoyment of kicking back and relaxing after a long week with a couple of drinks but if you consume more than you should and it becomes a problem for others’ peace, we will ask you to leave with no refund and call you a taxi on your tab. (Please note, the Sherriff's Dept. is the only taxi service available for these country parts of NY we're in...please drink responsibly).
  • · Please shower with soap and water before entering the pool.
  • · No sexual misconduct, advances, suggestive sexual behavior or comments are allowed. We understand you may be in love or looking for it, but please be respectful of the general public during your stay. This is a nudist camp. Naturism has nothing to do with sex.
  • · Our “Barely There Café” offers Breakfast, lunch and dinner Tues - Sun, including daily specials. On Event days we offer a fixed menu during the event with other meals of the day served with regular hours. If you’ve read this far, please ask us about our peas!
  • · If you see someone not following these rules, or someone makes you feel uncomfortable please report it to the Manager On Duty (“MOD”) immediately. If we’re not in sight, call (518) 817-7246.
  • · A labeled, white first aid cabinet is located inside the clubhouse, containing band-aids, misc. wraps and emergency equipment. If there is any kind of medical emergency on the grounds, please call 911 first, then the office number.

Any misconduct will result in immediate expulsion from the grounds with no refunds.

A message from the camp owner:

Thank you for visiting! We work hard to ensure all guests enjoy their stay with us. We have a virtual, anonymous suggestion box (address in clubhouse) and would love to hear your thoughts, comments and ideas! We take pride in treating members and guests as friends. We welcome you into our nudist family and we hope you enjoy your stay with us! If there is anything we can do to help make your stay more enjoyable, or if you have any special needs while you’re here, please let us know!

Naturally Yours,

Kerrianne Doyle

Owner, Full Tan Sun Club